PACE Lab News

Spotted, Blanding’s, and Wood turtle ​ ​conservation symposium

PACE Lab head Michael Dreslik and herpetologist Jason Ross presented at the 2019 Spotted, Blanding’s, and Wood turtle conservation symposium held in West Virginia this November. Population Viability Analysis and the Role of Head-starting for a northern Illinois Blanding’s Turtle Population Rapid Demographic Assessments for Freshwater Turtles: Filling in Data Deficiencies

Radio telemetry used to improve environmental DNA use

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is an emerging tool used to detect rare and difficult to detect species. A recent study by INHS PACE Lab herpetologists used radio telemetry to evaluate and improve the efficiency of this technique. As part of a species reintroduction program, hatchling Alligator Snapping Turtles reared in captivity were tracked using radio telemetry …

We’re Hiring!

Are you interested in starting a career in field herpetology? The #INHSPACELAB Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Program is looking to hire two herpetology field technicians to work on our long-term Eastern Massasauga and Blanding’s Turtle research projects in 2020.   See complete requirements and details here