Lab Members

Tollway support has enabled our group to advise and fund 6 Ph.D.
and 8 M.Sc. students through the University of Illinois.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded

      • Kelsey Low (2019) Persistence of ranavirus in an east central Illinois amphibian community – advisor Dr. Christopher A. Phillips
      • Ethan Kessler (2020) Assessment of a freshwater turtle reintroduction

Masters Degrees Awarded

Current Ph.D. candidates

      • Devin Edmonds – Conservation of Madagascan frogs
      • Andrew Jesper – Brumation ecology of the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) in Illinois
      • Anastasia Rahlin – Conservation of wetland and riparian migratory birds
      • Daniel Swanson – Evolution and systematics of annulate New World Harpactorinae – advisor Dr. Sam Heads

Current MS candidates

      • Shay Callahan – Phenology and fecundity of state-listed salamander species in Illinois
      • Alma Schrage – Detection and foraging needs of declining bumble bee species
      • Tyler Stewart – Distribution and detection of Kirtland’s Snake
      • Grace Wu – The effects of tallgrass prairie restoration on snake communities in northern Illinois
      • Sara Johnson – Population and reproductive ecology of a rare Florida mint – advisor Dr. Brenda Molano-Flores